Thursday, October 18, 2012

Say What You Need to Say (and Nothing More)

What have I been doing the past couple of days? Just trying to keep my head on straight! I knew taking on this internship would be crazy, but man, am I pressed for time! Don't worry, Mom, I'm loving every extremely scheduled second of it.

Last night I spent another three hours making calls. It was basically more of the same responses that I talked about in my last post. The environment in the office was different this time though. On Monday there were only two volunteers making calls along with my boss and me, but yesterday there were four! And let me tell you, they were hilarious. They were all community women and they made me laugh the two hours they were there. They really weren't understanding the concept of HubDialer and kept hanging up there phones after each call (HubDialer automatically connects to you to the next caller, so ideally you only make one phone connection to the website for the entirety of the evening). My favorite part was the fact that Debby and Pam kept looking at the screens of other people and commenting on the names of the voters. A couple of times they were connected to people they knew from the community and recognized their voices. I promise I wasn't laughing at them; they were laughing, too. 

One call I made stands out quite a bit. If you remember from my last post I mentioned how disheartening I find it that Republicans and Democrats aren't willing to speak to each other, well one voter I spoke with last night reminded me of a similar issue. The woman on this particular call told me that she was a registered Republican and I told her that was fine with me, which I think surprised her. She said something to me that I think most Americans can agree with: we are tired of negative campaign ads! Turning on the TV right now almost feels like an ambush! This voter let me know that she didn't care what Mourdock thought about Donnelly's positions or what John Gregg thought about Congressman Pence's political history. "I want to know what Donnelly thinks about Donnelly!" I couldn't agree more. Criticizing your opponent is not the goal of a campaign. Let the voter analyze all the candidates. Instead of emphasizing what other candidates have done wrong in the past, tell the voters what you are going to do right! You don't need to tell us anything but your own views. I knew I wasn't the only one with this opinion, but it's always reassuring to hear someone else articulate it.  

One last story for you today: I had one man last night quite literally tell me the entire story of his divorce. The average call is probably about 40 seconds long. This one was 5 minutes. I'm not exaggerating! I told him who I was and then asked how he was doing...oops. He said, "Well....I'm pretty depressed..." and proceeded to launch into the story of how his wife got a tummy tuck and then left him in August. I didn't know what to do! I listened to him for 5 minutes before I could politely tell him I was sorry that he was struggling and get off the line. 

Also, the title of this post is alluding to the John Mayer song!

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