Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Just Beginning

So, I've started a blog. People do it all the time, for all different reasons. But why did I just start this one? I've recently been given the opportunity to start my first internship. In order to better help myself process all that will be involved and to share my experiences with friends, family, and all of the internet, I have decided to blog about it! We live in the information age, after all.

Where am I interning?
    I am working on the Indiana Democratic Party - 2012 Coordinated Campaign (IDPCC).

What does that mean?
    I am working on the 2012 campaign for Joe Donnelly and John Gregg.
    My official duties include:
           • Organizing and assisting with voter outreach
           • Assisting campaign staff at political and community events

           • Assisting Field Staff with planning and implementing a field plan
           • Recruiting and maintaining active volunteer database
           • Assisting campaign staff with on-the-ground strategy

No, but really, what does that mean?
    I'm not entirely sure what all of that means yet because I start tomorrow. BUT, the general feeling I have is that I will be the lovely voice at the other end of all those political phone calls and I'll be the smiling face knocking on your door to ask if you're registered to vote. It isn't the most glamorous internship in the world, but I'm already seeing the rewards.

    It's true! I've already enjoyed an internship perk! Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the Hoosier Common Sense rally in Indianapolis. I saw Bill Clinton! It was awesome!

That's all I have for now! But I plan to update this frequently throughout the next 24 days until the elections!

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