Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calling Like It's My (Unpaid) Job

Two weeks, guys! Exactly two weeks from today is THE day I've been waiting for! I feel like I'm counting down to my birthday, except I'm more excited about this.

Last night was my third night of calling for the IDPCC and most of my calls seemed to blend together! I found that the main response I got was anger. With the election getting closer and closer the political pressure is definitely being laid on the voter. And they're tired of it. I can't blame anyone for wanting it to be over; it is exhausting.But even for all the tiresome propaganda and rhetoric, this is still important!

I think it's easy to just be tired of it and forget the reason  for all the craziness. I understand being annoyed and frustrated. What I don't understand is choosing to completely disregard your privilege to have a voice in society. I've found that so many people have opinions and want to tell you all about them, but when it comes to voting people suddenly don't want to be involved. What is it about having to pick between candidates that makes people so weary? I know there aren't clear answers to my questions, but I'm working to understand these decidedly un-involved constituents.

So far, I'm taking a lot away from this internship professionally, but there is one thing I'm taking from this personally: the people making those political calls at the most inconvenient times are volunteering their time because they believe in the candidates. I won't hang up on volunteers or belittle them. Being courteous is not that difficult.

Favorite call: A man who launched into a rant about how he didn't want Wal-Mart to buy this election like it did the last one. (Maybe I'm uninformed...but I had no clue what he was talking about...)

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